Call me: Nobody


What’s your dream? Or if you are more pragmatic: what’s the biggest goal in your life? Personally, i don’t have any. At least, i don’t think i have one.

I always admired people who lived for their dream, their goal, people who are planning their entire life to accomplish that big dream. When i look around me, i have that weird feeling that everyone, every single soul has a propice. Every step they make is full of confidence like they arleady know what is going to happen to them, like they know their destiny and nothing can be on their way. It seems like they can’t fail. And some people never fail. Which is good for them. But others, unfortunately, stumble and fall. In that situation, there are two types of person: the ones who just give up and complain all the time about their failure or the ones who rise again, keep fighting until they succeed. For those who gave up, they are divised in two groups: some of them will find an other path where they will be fine but not happy and some of them will just go wrong, stuck in a negative spiral. They can’t escape it. Or they don’t want to. And i feel like those people need help to get better. Even if they don’t ask for it or if they refuse to be helped. The successful ones can help them. But not everyone has that instinct reaction to help people without asking anything in return. I find it strange… and sad.
Which is why i always try to do my best to improve someone else’s life. Even if he/she didn’t ask anything. I try to be nice, thankfull and… just being polite. I’m kind to others. Some people would see that as a weakness but i disagree with them. Being friendly, kind, nice to someone doesn’t mean you are weak. It just means you are friendly, kind, nice. Nothing else. With that in mind, the same people put a cold face, they behave like they are unbreakable and cool, like no one cares but me. They forbid themselves to act nicely. That’s just ridiculous. People are so distrustful, they always think about themselves first. It’s like if they don’t think about them first, they’re going to die. It became a survival matter. If they don’t think that way, they will be eaten by others. Which is crazy. Not everyone is a threat or aggressiv. But i agree with you: not everyone is nice either.
That’s why, everytime i meet someone new, i’m trying to be neutral around him/her. I don’t totally reject him/her but i don’t overtrust either. I act with respect by talking like he/she’s my equal and not above or below me. And in my mind, by doing that, he/she is going to do the same. I see people like monkeys: they start to act in a certain way only when they saw someone else doing it before. And i feel like i am the first monkey who show the others another way of behaving. I have that feeling that it’s my responsability.

What’s your dream? Or if you are more pragmatic: what’s the biggest goal in your life? Personally, i don’t have any. I am that dream.


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