Not so fast but a lil bit furious


What is your pace?

I was told I am weird. It might be true. Actually I’m sure I am. Sometimes I don’t react or act the same way as everyone else does. It might not be a problem or piss someone off. And I don’t understand why. I’m different, so what?
When I look around me, I see everyone moving so fast. Like there is a fire behind them and if they slow down for a couple of second, they’re gonna burn. Slow down. Why being so hurried? Even when they have lunch with a friend, they are so fast. I don’t get it. Ok, maybe at work,  your boss want you to work fast because, as they say, time is money. But when you’re off work, why d’you keep doing everything fast? It’s like they don’t know to take a break. Or if they do, it’s gonna be quick. I was told I am slow. I don’t think that’s entirely right. Maybe I am slow. I admit sometimes, I do things slowly. Because I don’t feel any rush of doing those things. But people are way too fast. They do everything so quickly, what for? So you can do more? Ok, but do you enjoy doing what you do? I’m sure even when they’re supposed to do something they love, they don’t take time to enjoy that moment and appreciate it. Even if they want to take time, they will get bored in five minutes.
There’s a song with a chorus that represent exactly the way I wanna live. The chorus says: “Life’s fast. I just wanna take it really slow” (Save Ferris by MayDay!)  It’s simple, and yet, not everybody understand that. It’s strange.

What is your pace? I don’t rush but I’m not slow. Let’s say I’m in the middle.


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