Have you ever had a day where everything went wrong? I had. Not often but i had.

I woke up this morning – hardly, but i’m surprised i got off my bed that quick – to go to work. It’s my third day. I arrive a lil bit earlier than i’m supposed to and i start to observe those whom work and learn from what i see. But twenty minutes later – I’m standing when i observe someone working because if i sit, i probably gonna fall asleep, which is not good – my legs start to ache and i’m getting bored. Then, suddenly, a coworker asked me if i want to practice. I said ‘yes’ – even if it’s not the specialty i’m looking for – But experience is experience, so i took the chance to not getting bored again. I worked – it wasn’t good… like at all – until lunch time.

I walked fast to get to the police station – i had some trouble to solve – When i got there, i ask to the reception if i could see a particular police officer, but i didn’t remember his name, only his work title. The officer who answered me told me that she couldn’t do anything if i didn’t have the name. I was surprised by that helpless sentence. I felt really disappointed: she did nothing! She just looked at me and said ‘There’s nothing i can do for you if you don’t have this or this’. She was helpless. No, it’s not even that. She looked like she didn’t even want to help me. I don’t like that kind of attitude. So i left. On my way to my place – i needed this problem to be solved quickly so i went home to get the paper where the dude name is written – just one station after i took the tramway, controlers are getting inside. I see four of them: they were in the car next to mine – so i thought i was safe if i kept it low – all in suit: white shirt, black pants and a bag – that’s how we recognize them – The tram starts to go. I think, i’m safe but i was a lil bit nervous. Then, on my left, i heard: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please, show your tickets’. My heart beats so fast at that time! I was like: ‘Oh com’on!! Why!!’ i turn around to watch them because i didn’t see them coming: they were dressed like civilians!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Since when they do that? Are they that desperate? – that’s what i thought – I knew i was screwed so i didn’t even try to lie. The lie would have been too big for them to believe it. So i showed my ID, music in my hears, paid the bill – fifty euros… Damn! – and just ignored them. I had an attitude, i knew it. But i was mad. – Still am – i went off at a station, went to another tram. One station later, four other controlers come in. I was: ‘OMG!! Is this a joke? Did someone cursed me?’ – i’m not a believer… At least, i don’t think i am – so, i see three people getting off the tram, i decided to follow them hoping they won’t stop me to ask for my ticket. – because i still didn’t buy one. I’m that stupid – They didn’t. They just watched us getting out. I was still mad. Few minutes later, while i was waiting for the next tram to come, i saw the controlers who, well, controlled me. They were talking about me. I know it because they were impersonating my behaviour. That annoyed me so much.

So i walked home trying to calm myself down. I took my car, because i didn’t want to pay anything more. I parked in front of the police station, waited for the police officer i was looking for to come. After ten minutes, we met, we solved the problem, i left and drive as fast as i could to work. But i wasn’t fast enough and arrived late. Not late late, but five maybe ten minutes late. I don’t like being late at work. I feel like it disrespectuf. Then i went back to the work i started in the morning. I thought i finished it an hour and a half later but when my boss saw it… Well, he laughed. I was like: ‘Okay…’ He gave me a model that i could copy and told me: ‘You’re here in formation, use a model’. I said ‘okay’ with  enthousiasm and started over. Two hours, maybe two hours and a half, later, i finished my work, showed it to my boss again and waited for the verdict… ‘There we go: it’s better. It’s good. Let’s do an other one.’ He gave me another job to do, i tried to finish it before i finish work, that is in twenty minutes. I really try in the first seven minutes then, i found the tooth way to weird so i took my time to really understand its shape. At six pm, i left: i was tired and still a lil bit upset.

Have you ever had a day where everything went wrong? I had. Today was one of these day. But i kept pushing to go through it. – Now i’m tired, i’m going to sleep. Good night. And sweet dreams.


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