Adventure in sight



Before summer begins, i decided to watch the summer sunrise along the river that cross the town. Summer almost passed as quickly as i could blink my eye – not really fast but not that slow either – i was busy, people came over, i left for couple of weeks and i was too lazy. But then, after two weeks of being a sloth and transforming myself into a bat, i had the courage to stay up all night on the last days of august. Around half an hour before the sun rises, i took my longboard and left my confortable bed to face the early morning fresh air. I rode to the docks. i sat down next to the Mirror of water. In front of me, there’s the other half of the city. The skyline is set up. I’m waiting twenty minutes before the sun shows his first ray. The sky was light blue, dressed with some thin clouds teinted by shades of orange. Few people passed in front of me: some of them were early runners, others just took a walk, a guy drived by twice giving a weird look like i was crazy just sitting there, and two other men were in the garden next to me.

They looked like they were looking for something. They made me think of the beginning of a game that everyone must know, even just the name: ‘Pokemon’. They are at the start of their journey and they are trying to find some pokemon friends to accompany them. As soon as they will find a wild charmander or – with a lot of luck – a wild pikachu, they will leave the city toward the compaign seeking for adventures.

A warm and blindful light reached my eye. I looked straight ahead of me and there it goes: the sun started to show up. He was shy at the beginning but imposes quickly his presence. The sky looked beautiful that morning. A mix of yellow, orange, light blue and shades of gray. Some clouds invited themselves to the party. It was magnificent.

Five minutes later, i went back home, sprawled myself on my bed and fell asleep in two seconds.


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