What would you do?

Writing challenge

It was a sunny hot day of september. One of a kind. Summer came late that year so it lasted until october. I just started a new job in a new town. I knew no one. For my first week-end, i decided to take a walk, visit the most famous places of this city and try to connect with the locals. As i walked through a long commercial street, the crowd got bigger and bigger. It’s getting hard to walk forward without walking into someone else. Suddenly, i feel a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned around to face the man who owns the hand. I couldn’t see him. The sun was behind him, blinding my eyes. All i can tell is that he was tall, around six feet tall. He took my right hand, turned my palm up and put his left hand on top of mine. A slightly cold air went through my arm to fade away in my chest. The feeling was refreshing but disturbing. The man told me something then left like he appeared. I stood there for a while, staring at the direction where that mysterious man went. When i came to my senses, the sun started to go to the other side of the planet. I came back home slowly, thinking of what just happened to me. Arrived to my place, i sat down on my couch and stared at my right hand. A strange sensation ran back and forth through my fingers.

‘The future belongs to you, now’.

That’s what he told me. That sentence is all i could think about that evening. What was the meaning of all this? Why me? What is going on?

The next day, i woke up slowly. My eyes didn’t want to open, so i stayed lying on my bed. My thoughts are immediately directed to yesterday. I closed my hand. I felt a strong light coming to me. And suddenly, i was in the middle of the same street i was yesterday. There was a lot of people like yesterday. Everything looked the same. Except for the weather; the sky is gray and threatens to break. In front of me, a man stands on a scale, trying to fix the sign of his shop. A little bit far from him, a kid is playing with a dog when, out of no where, the dog runs free toward the scale. his leash got stuck under the scale and knocks over the man, his head first.

I opened my eyes and i came back to my room, still lying on my bed. I didn’t move. My heart beated fast, i was sweating. i didn’t know what it was. Half an hour later, i finally get out of my bed and get ready to start my day. I didn’t pay any attention to what, i believe, was a dream. My day went on without any big troubles. Then, at the end of the afternoon, i was on the long commercial street in the middle of a huge crowd. I looked up and saw the clouds invading the sky. It’s gonna rain soon, i told myself. A weird feeling of déjà vu went through my body. I looked straight ahead of me and saw a man preparing a scale to fix his broken sign. At that time, i realized that maybe my dream wasn’t a dream. Then i looked a little bit further and noticed a lil boy playing with a big dog. The man climbed his scale and started to fix the sign, at the same moment, the dog went free and ran away from the boy. I was petrified: i couldn’t move. My mind went crazy, divided by the idea of doing something and the idea that i have seen this before. Right before the dog got closer to the scale, a man came out of the crowd and catched the dog. He played with him for few seconds and brought him back to his master. It was the same tall man as yesterday. He turned back, stared at me and walk toward me. He went to a small street in between two main streets. I followed him. He stopped and turned to me.

– ‘Every time you use it, you lose one day.’

– ‘Wait.. What?’

He walked out without saying anything else – it’s kind of difficult to walk out when you’re already outside, but you know what i mean – and disappeared in the crowd again. I looked at my right hand once again, intrigued. I closed it to see what happens. A bright light blinded me and i was somewhere else. It lasted few seconds like the first time then i came back to where i was. If it was what i believe it was, i had to hurry. So i ran to the tramway, jumped in it in extremis, got down at five stations later and ran again to an old lady who was about to cross the road. I grabbed her arm to stop her before she gets hit by a careless driver. So that’s what it is: a prediction. At that time, i thought about a TV show from the nineties : Early Edition and a song by the french rapper Soprano: Hiro.

From that day on, even if it costs me a day of my life, i’ve decided to use that ‘gift’ that was given to me, with those two references and others in mind.


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