Ummm… What?

Writing challenge

I’m sitting at a café when a stranger approaches me. This person asks what my name is, and, for some reason, i reply: ‘Nobody’. The stranger nods, ‘I’ve been looking for you.’

I stare at him, suspicious about the man sitting in front of me. He seems old. An old dark hair man with few gray hair on the side. He’s wearing a black shirt with some odd skinny jeans. Probably a old guy trying to be young… Why did he come to me? There’s other people around, why me!?! We are now staring at each other in a complete silence. We can only hear whispers of others conversations next to our table. I’m waiting for him to explain his previous sentence but he didn’t seem to continue his thought. After a while, i feel the pressure of this silence and his eyes.

– ‘Who are you?’

– ‘I’ve been watching you for a while now.’

I step back in my chair a little bit and take the strap of my bag. I am ready to leave at any moment. This dude is creepy. But he gets closer to the table. I put my hands on my knee just in case he’s trying to grab me. Then, he continues:

– ‘I know you don’t know me but i know you’

I got that, go to the point already! He looks around us and gets closer to me like he’s about to tell a big secret. His hands get nervous and he’s sweating a little bit. What is he doing? As he’s getting closer and i’m pushing more and more my chair, the waitress comes to our table. Instantly, he steps back, looks at the girl who froze for a second. I feel her fear so i’m trying to find a way to get his attention off her.

– ‘I don’t need anything else, thanks.’ I look at the man in front of me. ‘What about you…Creepy guy? Need anything?’

He glances at me before replying: ‘Nothing, thank you.’ The waitress left launching a sigh of relief. I’m asking again, as soon as she got far enough:

– ‘Who are you?’

– ‘I am Special Agent Turner. FBI.It’s been a while since we didn’t see each other’, he says with confidence in his eyes.

– ‘FBI… Special… Agent…? What?’ I stammer.

– ‘You look surprised, Nobody.’ Of course i look surprised! Why an FBI agent, on top of that special, would know me! You are surrounded, you can’t escape anymore.’

What? I look around me to try to identify the other agents but no one looked suspicious. There were teenagers, young couples, a very old woman probably waiting for the time to pass, some coworkers taking a break in between two interviews and the staff whom apply themselves in their work. My eyes went back on Agent Turner. He looked right through me with a smile that says he won.

– ‘What do you want?’ I ask more seriously.

– ‘I’m here to stop you from committing any other horrible crimes.’

– ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’ My heartbeat goes faster as the conversation keeps going. I’m watching everyone’s move. Any sloghtest sound makes me jump on my seat.

– ‘You know damn well what i’m talking about… Nobody.’ He raises his voice as he gets exciting about this moment. My view gets blurred and i’m starting to trembling. What is going on? ‘Or should i call you: Tezuka… Saishi…Bob.’ He pauses, enjoying himself. ‘I have enough evidences to keep you behind bars for the rest of you life.’

Locking me up? Why? I’m getting nervous, thinking of any reason of why i can get locked. And for the rest of my life! Maybe he caught me stealing that money few years ago. Did i get caught on camera?… No, no. I was careful. I checked every corner, there wasn’t any camera. And no one was around. It was perfect… So why is he here? I heard a laugh that made me immerged from my thoughts. ‘You can’t escape’ he says. You said that already. I check again quickly around us. The agent is slightly overweight which means he can’t follow me if i jump on tables and sneak out.

– ‘I just want to know before i arrest you: all of your victims were young couples in their twenties’ he says. It’s a good plan. I can do it. ‘Why did you kill that ninety years old man?’ he asks. At three, i go. He continues: ‘He lived alone, caused problems to no one…’ Okay, three… ‘Dressed as Santa for the orphans. So why?’ Two… ‘Why kill him?’ Wait…

– ‘What?’

– ‘Why killing an old man? He was the opposite of each and any of your victims. So why?’ he repeats himself.

Killing? What is he talking about? I’m confused, i don’t understand any words his saying. ‘What do you mean by killing? Like killing killing someone?’ I ask. He looks surprised by my question. I get intrigued. Then the entire conversation come back to me. I see more clearly, my leg stopped tapping. My heart beats slower and stress leave me second after second. I look at him right in the eyes. He seems as confused as i am. He looks at me like it’s the first time he sees me. Suddenly, the chair behind me stumble. A man starts to run in the café trying to find a way to escape. The FBI agent, stupefied, reacts few seconds later and pursues him as fast as his body could gets him. I sit still on my chair, scared by the sudden agitation. I couldn’t move. They are now outside of the shop. The suspect made only few steps before two huge men in black tackle him so hard that he might have broken a bone. Agent Turner joins the fun and says his right to the suspect. When they took their prisoner in a car, the FBI agent turned at me. I followed their race but my mind was somewhere else. Few seconds later, every signs of the Federal Agency disapeared. And i keep staring at the chair where the creepy agent sat. And all i could think about is:

What just happened?


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