Weird unlocking mind

Writing challenge

I have twenty minutes to unlock my mind… ok. What to talk about?

I took my longboard to go to work today. First time, it was exhausting. I ate a ‘consistent’ breakfast – Miss independant, to the fullest – but it took all my energy.

Whooooa! I’m so tired. I felt two weird pressure on my back this afternoon like someone was poking me. But nobody was behind me, so i felt weird… It was weird. Like litterally someone was touching me. I freaked out.

Sometimes love comes around; And then knocked you down, knocked you down…. but it happens…

Whoooa! My back ache so much. I might need a massage.

Now that i think about it, i don’t have much to say.

They’re talking about taxes on TV. I wonder how it works. How they calculate it. The dude on TV has a weird head. Like the top is big and it’s getting thiner as you go down.

Tryna let go… Nananana

Oh! They’re now talking about Netflix.

If this love only exist in my dreams…. Don’t wake me up. Inside my cup. If i wake and you’re here still… About your lips…

Whoooooa! – That’s my yawning, by the way.

I’m cold… My right elbow ache for no reason. I should turn the light on, it’s getting dark. And the light of my computer’s getting stronger.

Seven minutes left. Sblah!!!!

Hey chick, imma lost for words.. My swagg and my confidence from.

My eyes are closing themself… I need to review my lessons… But i don’t want to.

What’s up!!? – What? – Sblah!! My brain is dead.

Ha! My song just came out: I don’t care, i’m aware she makes me cry baby, cry!!!…Was to get rid of me!…I don’t know about the world, but i know of a girl, i don’t care… I wanted her, but she wouldn’t!…Cry!! Baby! Cry!! Baby!!…It was september!…I smile at her, she passed at me!… Under!… Fresh!… Sister!…In the prom dress!


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