Do you remember?


I remember. It was July, 2014. It was… Where was it? Oh, right, we were on that big island : you, for vacation and I lived there. We met in a fast food. I was waiting for you at the bar for five minutes now. I thought you weren’t coming until I see you step in. You were wearing snickers. It was winter but on that island, winter’s temperature were around 25 degrees. With your snickers, you wore some shorts, probably to balance your outfit, and a T-shirt. Red. As to show your determination in life. Each step you made was full of confidence. Or so I thought. The atmosphere around you was peaceful, quiet and carefree. You looked up to the ceiling, admiring the design of the room and let the mood fill your innocent eyes. You came closer and the smile that illuminated your face, disappeared slowly. When you sat down, you looked serious suddenly. Your eyebrows are pleated marking a dimple in between and making your eyes smaller than they already are. You stared intensely what was in front of you and didn’t even see me. You took off your hat, put it on the table and order a drink: ‘Coke, please’. I noticed you moved your head, slightly, in rhythm. Suddenly, you laughed at something, then you saw me seeing you and  tried to contain it. The barman gave you your drink, a small light appeared in your eyes. It was a treasure for you that you needed to carry very preciously. You looked at your phone, texted to someone and put your phone away. You didn’t seem to worry about anything.

After a moment, you gave me an intense look right in the eyes, trying to gather all your convictions, then deflected on something far behind me. That’s when he entered. At this moment, I knew: this conversation we’re about to have will change everything. Nothing will be the same. He sat next to us. You glanced at me one last time, pulling your hair back. He followed your eyes to his reflection then turned to me: ‘I’ve been waiting to see this image for a long time now.’ I looked at him and mumbled with a broken voice: ‘Nice to see you…Dad’.


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