Pointless story

Writing 101

There was a huge table in the middle of a large room that welcoms six co-workers. I shared this huge table with three others people. The guy at my left aplied himself to his small sculptures. The one in front of him kept moving around trying to stay busy as possible. In front of me, there was the youngest amongst them. He just sat down after he disappeared for about twenty minutes. At the same moment, a woman, who was sitting next to him, stood up, went straight to the door he went through and slammed it : ‘Always need to shut the door behind him. Sick of it’ she mumbled. But loud enough for the youngest guy to hear.

They started to argue. As their conversation got intense, their voices raised a little bit more at each word. When they reached the climax of their argument, the boss came in. The young man “shhhes’ his opponent then she replied : ‘I don’t care. Don’t ‘shhh’ me.’ After that, they ceased their discussion. A heavy silence settled. Nobody dared to say a word for ten minutes. All we could hear was the noises of all machines surrounding us. The mood got tense, almost unbreathable. Hours went by and the atmosphere didn’t get any lighter.


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