Writing 101

It’s Monday morning and i was late to work so i rushed out of my house. I caught the bus at the last minute, out of breathe and sweating like a gazelle who ran trying to save her life from the lion king. I sprawled myself on a seat and let myself drive to the other side of the city. More we went far, more the bus got crowded and soon there would have been any space for anyone to even just stand still. The bus stopped at my station. I sneaked out but those whom were waiting rushed inside without paying me any attention. I made my way through that violent crowd and finally touched the ground safe and sound. I looked up and let out a sigh when a teenager ran into me. I saw my phone slipping through my fingers, flying from my hips to the ground between my feet than smashed the floor. The world has stopped for a minute. All i could hear was that sound my phone made when he met Earth. The young man left without turning back. So did the bus. I picked up my phone hoping he was fine and it was just a scary funny story to tell. I looked at the screen and was horrified: it was cracked… from the right bottom to the left top. I typed twice on it checking if everything is ok. I waited thirty seconds and finally: the light went on and an image appeared. I slid my thumb over the drawing and discover the home screen. Everything seemed fine. Then he died. I stared at the dark screen for a moment. Tears in my eyes. I gathered myself then walked as fast as i could to the next bus that would drive me home. I checked on the internet a place where they could fix my phone. I found an adress and headed there. Arrived, i told them what happened and they said to me it will take them the day to repair my phone. I left them my precious treasure then walked out. I decided not to go to work as my day didn’t start as well as usual. I took a walk in a park next to the phone hospital. I felt strange. Every ten seconds, my hand checked my pocket. Every ten seconds, i remembered that my phone wasn’t with me anymore. Every ten seconds, my heart jumped out of my chest. I was nervous, all sounds coming to me was a threat to my ears. The wind made trees dance, leaves floated over the sandy floor. As i was about to do a second time around the park, my legs couldn’t hold me anymore. Tremors raised more and more through my legs to my arms, giving me chills. I was about to scream when she arrived.

It was Monday morning, the sun made his appearance but the cold air of winter began to be felt. Everyone put out their scarf to avoid being sick. But i trusted the sun to warm us up and decided to get dressed as usual: with my new kimono i got from my last trip in Japan. It was a day off for me… Well, to be honest, i called my boss to say i was sick. Thanks to my current theater, i managed to convince him. For this extended week-end, i decided to shop to get me a little dress and some shoes that will go with it. After a hard and difficult research at the mall, i choose to have lunch at the park next door. I sat down in front of a big fountain representing three daughters’ of Zeus :  Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia whom where naked holding a jar full of water over their shoulder. I always wondered, why everyone has to be naked in Greek mythology? As soon as i finished my sandwich, i headed toward the exit when i came across a man who seemed to suffer. I was torn between helping him or walk far away from him. My good conscience won the battle that has beganin my mind. Right before he was about to crack, i went to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He looked up. I gave him a ‘Are you ok?’ smile and showed him a bench where we could sit. He stumbled several time, the bench is ten steps away from us… I helped him walk straight. We sat down for a moment, time for him to catch his breathe and control his anxiety attack. I asled him if he was ok, insinuating : ‘What’s going on with you?’ but he didn’t answered. He started to sweat a lot. It got me worried so i decided to take him to a hospital. Along the way, he had others anxiety attacks and grabbed my hand as if it would calm him down. We walked few steps, passed in front of an old lady knitting a small, red sweater. She looked at us like we were a couple. I tried to make her understand that we weren’t with a look but i guess, she didn’t understant as she smiled at me. I turned my head, desperate for someone to come help me get rid of this man but no one came. Few seconds later, he suddenly stopped. I looked at him, trying to find any signs of trouble when he fell down. I watched him head down on his knees. I looked around and people were watching us. I started to get embarrassed but a squeeze in my hand intrigued me. I looked at my hand. We are still holding hands. I squatted next to him. ‘Are you alright?’ i asked him. He was staring at his shoes, his eyes wide open. He mumbled something.

It was… What day was it? Monday. I remember. A new week has began and bingo has been cancelled because of the high level of dead recently. It’s ridiculous. We are in a retirement home. Of course, there will be dead. They gave us our morning to do whatever we want but we had to stay in the perimeter of the retirement house. I went to the livingroom, sat down on my favorite chair and started to knit. I thought it would a quiet morning but i was wrong. Nurses came to me, checking if i was still alive as i fell asleep every five minutes in this warm and cosy room. I am still tired of staying up until 9 pm yesterday. I decided to take a walk to my bed. They did not count on my old friend, Jasmine, who just turned ninety and believed that was the age where you could do anything without being questionned. She was not wrong. She interrupted me in my marathon to my room and started her long usual conversation about the weather and young people who don’t respect their elder anymore. Time has changed. I cut her in the middle of a sentence and took the opposite way i was going. As a retired ninja, i kept an eye at nurses and guards pace and sneaked out as fast as i could. I managed to get outside the property, with a lot of luck, i thought to myself. I choose to go to the park where i didn’t go for a long time now. I had my knitting with me, so i took a seat on a bench and began a sweater for my grand-son. Around midday, i looked up, starting to get hungry, and i saw this cute young couple walking hand in hand. I stared at them as they walked by. They reminded me of the old time. Me and my departed husband used to take a walk every day, just to catch up on our day or to say nothing and just be together. When i regained my senses, a smile appeared on my face. The young woman gave me a strange look then turned her head to someone else. What is wrong with people those days? I started to go back to the retirement home where food is served at this hour of the day. In front of me, the couple has stopped their walk. The man got down on his knees as he was still holding his girlfriend’s hand. Is he going to propose? It’s a nice place to ask someone to marry. But the man didn’t say anything. He kept looking down, still on his knees. The young lady got at his level and started to talk. I couldn’t hear what she said but even with my crappy ears, i heard what the man replied in a whisper : ‘Lumia is dead.’ I turned my gaze to head to my hot meal.

The young woman stood up, thunderstruck about that sentence. She cleared her hand, glanced one last time at the strange man and walked away from him. In choir, the old lady and the young woman sighed : ‘Pathetic.’


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