Faded Happiness

Writing challenge

My favorite childhood meal… It’s not really a meal. It’s more a candy: Crunch. And it’s not really my favorite either, it’s just… It reminds me of a picture i lost along my several moves. I’m not even sure that picture has really been taken. That souvenir was from my nineth birthday. Or so i thought until few days ago when i calculated how many time i’ve been in this country.

I arrived in 2002, so it’s been twelve years. Twelve years. That’s long. Anyway, few months later, my cousine, her husband, some of his family, my cousin and his wife, and my aunt organised me a birthday party. It was actually pretty cool. Well, heck it! It was awesome. The best birthday party i ever attended. I don’t remember having any presents but there was just one thing i remember clearly: my father was there. It was the first time i’ve seen him in many years.

We went to a park next door. All kids played soccer but without rules.  Adults were next the table eating all afternoon and watching us having fun. It was like anarchy but in a funny way. I remember laughing a lot, smiling all the time. My father joined us, trying to keep up. You know how funny it is to see an adult in his fifty playing football with ten years old kids? I loved it. The next memory i have from that day is the lake at the opposite way of the park. I was sitting by the lake with him. He was at my left and i was holding a bar of Crunch in my hands. I’m not a big talker and neither was he. I guess i got that from him. At that time, i was just a kid without any money, and i didn’t really needed it, but i wasn’t living in wealth. So him buying me a chocolat bar meant something special to me.

Now everytime i see a chocolate bar of Crunch, i remember that sweat happy memory and can’t help but buy one.


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