Cosy place

Postaday, Writting challenge

It was in the middle of compaign around the border between France and Germany. It was small. A small city of 6,000 people. I lived there for six years during which i grew up into almost the person i am now. Almost.

At the age of twelve, i must have been in my second year of middle school, entering in a new building as the other one was about fifty years old. My home was five minutes away from the first school. Then, when school moved out, i was fifteen minutes away. Too far for my taste. I was used to wake up ten minutes before class started. With the new building, i couldn’t anymore. My high school, on the other hand, was literally three minutes away from my place. Way better. There was a theater right across the street. But unfortunately, it had only two rooms. And movies came late. After seeing a movie, i usually used to get some food. We just needed to go down one road and there they were : all restaurants.

I lived in a huge appartment with five rooms, all located at the left of the main and only entrance, a kitchen, a laundry room, toilets, and one big bathroom that welcomed my bunny’s home, at the beginning. It was my forth house in twelve years. It felt like home. I loved it.


2 thoughts on “Cosy place

  1. Excellent! I felt transported through time and space into your home. Although there wasn’t a lot of description about it, I could “somewhat” visualize it. I loved the ending. “It felt like home. I loved it.” That made my heart warm. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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