A day in my mind

A day in my life

Today, was a weird day. It’s my borther’s birthday, so it should’ve been happy. Well, it was until i received a particular call from far away. The morning was normal. Under the rain, my shoes were way too wet, i need to change them. Buy new ones. Then at lunch i came back home – it took my half an hour but i felt like it was longer than that – then i ate and i was knocked out. For no reason. I took a nap. I thought i slept only fifteen minutes, but it was like two hours. It felt weird. Then i rushed back to school to attend to a reunion. Right before i went in my car to drive to school, i received that special call. I hesitated to take it not. I didn’t. So, i was in a reunion with other people, when i received a mesage from my brother. It was a message with a picture. I downloaded it and took a look at it : it was a picture of my father. A recent picture of him. I froze. Instantly.

I stared at the picture for a while. Then i looked more closely to it. Then i kind of smiled. The funny thing was that my brother and i love the concept of Windows 8.0 and the label Nokia. We both have one. Not the same. He has the Lumia 1025 – the best in my opinion – and i have the Lumia 625. And on the picture, my father has… Wait for it… the Lumia 925! – I think it’s the 925. I thought it was a funny and weird coincidence. Is it genetic? I don’t know. Anyway, my father left me a voice mail as i didn’t answer to him. It took me twenty minutes to decide if i wanted to listen to it. I did. He just wanted to get my brother’s number as he changed his phone recently. Well, few months ago. Maybe i should’ve answered… I don’t know.

My mom is not so happy about it. She got upset when she heard about him contacting us. She started to yell at me like i was doing or did something wrong. I can understand that she dislike the fact that he want to be in our life just now but not before. But why screaming at me? At us? Like, it’s none of her business anymore. It’s our problem to solve. Whether we want or not him to be in our life. I know i wrote that letter about him, and said that it was useless now for him to make any effort, but i have to say, i was surprisingly confused by the call and the picture. And the voice mail. I feel like she can’t say anything about our ‘relationship’ with him anymore as we are grown up now. Us being in touch with him has nothing to do with our relationship with her. It doesn’t diminish the fact that she was the one who stepped up when it was necessary, that she is the one who took care of us until now and that she is the reason why we are who we are. But i guess she doesn’t know that and that i might need to say it out loud… I’m not good at expressing my feelings.


5 thoughts on “A day in my mind

  1. I am sincerely sorry to hear about the situation you are in. I hope you will be able to talk to your mom and tell her what you said in this post. I hope everything works out for you.


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