He walked in a dark large room. Space and silence reigned. Only his steps dared to bother them. As he came closer to a sheet, a synthesizer started to play the first notes. He opened his mouth and his voice resonated through loudspeakers around him and the room. Screaming could be heard few meters away from the man. Spotlights turned on as the piano was played. One of them lightened the sheet from the back, just showing the man’s shadow sitting behind a large piano. When the guitar started, few smaller spotlights lightened a stage below where all musicians were settled. A crowd clapped and screamed as they recognized the song.

At the end of the second chorus, as the electric guitar did his solo, the man picked up the mic, stood up and went through the sheet. The crowd has a second of silence. They couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Arriving at the middle of the stairs, when drums exploded, a single spotlight was directed towards him, showing him the way and finally revealed his face. At that moment, the crowd went crazy. They all screamed their lungs out. Walls were trembling. Everyone jumped around. Excited to finally see him. We could feel the excitment, the joy and the surprise. Every girl screamed at their highest note. When the singer arrived at the stage below, he sang the third chorus along with his group. Screaming went louder. The edge of the stage was surrounded by arms trying to reach him. The first rows were crushed  by the last ones. Some of the fans cried. Others fainted. A lot of ‘Oh my Gosh!!’ could be heard. People were shaking. They couldn’t stay still. Their eyes were wide open. No one blinked as if they took picture of that moment with their brain. The joy was suffocating.

At the last lyrics of the song, the light focused on him. Darkness surrounded him. The light slowly disappeared as the final note echoed in the stadium, to finally vanish into the darkness.


Exciting moment

A day in my life

It was a tuesday morning, i went to school on time as usual and without any motivation in mind. I took a sip of water as i sat down at a table in the corner of the room. I looked around me : there only were four other students with me. And the teacher wasn’t there. I put out all the stuff i had in my bag to pretend that i intended to work then took my phone and started to play a game called ‘Piano Tiles’. After making a miserable score three times in a row, my teacher decided to finally show up. A slightly rush of adrenaline went through my heart. I hid my phone behind an intrument called ‘articulator’ and faked working. For about an hour and a half, i moved on in my work a little bit. ‘You mistook yesterday for Sunday again?’ A male voice surprised me in my back. I turned around and saw a colleague who, i assumed as he didn’t even took off his coat, just arrived. I laughed at him who made fun of me. ‘Nah, i just didn’t want to come. Too lazy.’ i replied. That small conversation broke my pace so i decided to try again Piano Tiles. After failing twice again, i changed the game. Now i was prepared and focus to break my score at Flappy Bird. I failed, lamentably, after ten trials. To recover from it, i decided to do something i knew i couldn’t loose at : writing. I opened a blank page on my phone. I started to type whatever came through my mind. As my finger slipped on my screen, i lost track of time. I looked up. No one was  as focus as the first thirty minutes of this day. I turned around and glanced at my colleague’s phone. He was playing a race game. I looked closer : it looked a lot like Mario Kart but it wasn’t the same characters. It was Angry Birds, in a car race version. It seemed funny enough to entertain me for the rest of the morning. So i watched him play. Then i went back to my writing for a bit, saving everything every two minutes. Then i looked at his phone again to see if he kept losing or  not. He wasn’t. He changed the game. It was a card game now , called Belote. I heard of this game many times before but i never played. So he explained to me the rules. Or tried at least, because i still don’t know how to play it. In the middle of his explaination, we heard a dull sound. We looked up in synchro. All we could see was a head beyond the wall. I rushed toward it, followed closely by my colleague. Someone just fainted. His body was trembling. ‘You take care of him!’ i ordered as i ran in the corridor to get some help.

I kneeled next to the guy that just fell in front of us. A rush of adrenaline came through my body. I didn’t know what to do when my friend told me : ‘Take care of him’. She’s funny. How am i supposed to take care of him? I started to put him on the side, an old reflex from a training i had seven years ago. An other girl from my class came to help me. I overheard her saying that this guy was having an epileptic crisis. She put his left arm along his body and told him to put his other hand under his chick. He unconsciensly obeyed. A second later, i heard footsteps coming closer really fast from the corridor. I looked up : it was her running towards us. Behind my friend, there were two teachers trying to keep up with her speed, panic on their faces. They made their way through to the student who fainted and started to dial 18 – our version of 911. The teacher didn’t even had the time to get anybody that the student came back to his senses.

I opened my eyes slowly. Everything was blurred. I heard voices but i couldn’t hear clearly what they were saying. When my vision came back to me, i could see the floor was really close to my face. What happened? My lips were warm. My hand was under my head. I felt my body was lie down. How did i end up in this position? I looked around. There was a big dude sitting right in front of my face and a chick was next to him. They looked worried. I tried to stand up but they adviced me to stay like this for a lil longer. I recognized two teachers panicking behind them. I finally sat down without their consent. I looked around. There were a lot of students around me, concerned and curious about what’s going on. One of the teacher gave me a tissue. My lips were bleeding. I just noticed. After a moment, they finally asked me the crucial question : what happened? I looked at them, paused and admitted : ‘I can’t stand blood’.

In everybody’s mind, that explained everything. The director must have shown his students an operation on a patient’s mouth. Everyone guessed there was blood everywhere as the dentist took off few teeth from his patient or when he stitched a gum. The director walked out of his classroom, passed in front of the student who fainted, and didn’t even look at him. Everyone was making jokes with him as he passed by. But what they were really doing was trying to hide his low level of care for his ‘students’.