He walked in a dark large room. Space and silence reigned. Only his steps dared to bother them. As he came closer to a sheet, a synthesizer started to play the first notes. He opened his mouth and his voice resonated through loudspeakers around him and the room. Screaming could be heard few meters away from the man. Spotlights turned on as the piano was played. One of them lightened the sheet from the back, just showing the man’s shadow sitting behind a large piano. When the guitar started, few smaller spotlights lightened a stage below where all musicians were settled. A crowd clapped and screamed as they recognized the song.

At the end of the second chorus, as the electric guitar did his solo, the man picked up the mic, stood up and went through the sheet. The crowd has a second of silence. They couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Arriving at the middle of the stairs, when drums exploded, a single spotlight was directed towards him, showing him the way and finally revealed his face. At that moment, the crowd went crazy. They all screamed their lungs out. Walls were trembling. Everyone jumped around. Excited to finally see him. We could feel the excitment, the joy and the surprise. Every girl screamed at their highest note. When the singer arrived at the stage below, he sang the third chorus along with his group. Screaming went louder. The edge of the stage was surrounded by arms trying to reach him. The first rows were crushed  by the last ones. Some of the fans cried. Others fainted. A lot of ‘Oh my Gosh!!’ could be heard. People were shaking. They couldn’t stay still. Their eyes were wide open. No one blinked as if they took picture of that moment with their brain. The joy was suffocating.

At the last lyrics of the song, the light focused on him. Darkness surrounded him. The light slowly disappeared as the final note echoed in the stadium, to finally vanish into the darkness.


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