1. The year of failure and beginning. The beginning of my descent into hell. We were in the middle of September and school started the next day. I already planned my way to go there and checked the building, just in case. The day would begin with a presentation of what we were about to get into. After that, I had no idea of what’s going to happen. But for now, I’m going to get some rest.

It’s three o’clock. I was ready to discover what my life will look like from now on. I left my flat. A little bit late though. I speeded up my pace to arrive five minutes before anything started. My mind was completely empty while I walked towards my prison. I wasn’t hype nor depressed. My feelings were neutral. All I heard was the sweet music of Kanye West words. When I arrived in the school’s street, I made the last turn and almost ran into him. He was standing there, waiting for something or someone. He was taller than me, with an afro on, glasses that looked like Rayban’s, a green hoody on, a shirt striped brown and white below, a large jean and white shoes, if I recall correctly. He held a bag in one hand and his phone in the other one. I was too fast. I only had a glance at him. I scared me, let’s be honest. My first thought of that day was : ‘Wow, he was hot.’ I climbed the few stairs that separated me from the main building’s entrance then disappeared inside in the hall. I wasn’t the first to arrive. Few people were already here. Way longer than me by the glance they gave to their watches. They were two different categories of them : the young ones and the old ones. I presumed that those who were old were here for a different reason. Later, I realized I presumed wrong. While I waited for someone to indicate us where we should go and to tell us what is going to happen, I wished that the guy in the corner would be in my class. The director decided to finally show up and lead us who were in the hall to another building just next door. Students settled in a small room that appeared to be a living room rearranged to be a classroom. I sat down randomly at the third row just in front of the door. As soon as my butt touched the chair, he appeared behind a girl who he apparently knew way before today. I presumed, again, that she was his girlfriend. They sat down right behind me. The director started his little speech when everyone had a sit. When he finished, he proposed that everyone will introduce themselves by saying their names, ages, what they did before and why they choose this formation. Not everyone was excited about that idea, including me. I hated public speeches. I still do. When it was my turn, I took all the courage I managed to gather and said:

– ‘My name is Nobody, I’m 21, I graduated with a scientific specialty in high school and before this year, I was in med’school.’ At that moment, I heard a ‘Watcha’ from behind. ‘I choose this school because I wanted to stay in the paramedical/medical sector.’

The director nodded. Two persons next to me introduced themselves then it was he’s turn.

– ‘My name is Jonathan Teehee, I’m 22 and…’

When I heard Jonathan I couldn’t help myself but laugh.

To know the reason why, I have to go back to my last year of middle school. I subscribed to the basketball club of the small town I was in with some friends and I accidentally had a small crush on my coach – crush that lasted two years – And he’s name was – drumroll, please – Jonathan!

When I heard his name, I whispered : ‘Of course.’ Then it was his supposed girlfriend turn :

– ‘My name is Audrey Teehe, I’m 22 and…’

When I heard her last name I was surprised. I found it weird then came very quickly to a conclusion : ‘Are they married?’ Then I was more surprised because, in my opinion, 22 is a young age to be married. So I went back to my first theory : they were related. But how? It’s kind of incredible that two friends end up in the same formation unless they are really close, which leads me back to the girlfriend-boyfriend thing. The meeting continued and all along, I heard in my back laughter, deep and higher voices. They sounded really close which comforted me in the idea that they were involved in a relationship. At the end of that afternoon, as all students started to live the place, one of our future teacher came to them and asked them point blank :

– ‘Are you married?’ I was relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one thought of that possibility.

– ‘No, we are cousins’ she answered. He nodded as to confirm.

Two days later, the real deal has begun. We had our first theory class. I don’t remember if it was interesting or not. We only had an hour to eat at lunch. I noticed a fast food two minutes away from school, so I decided to check it out. I ordered my food, waited then took my tray. When I turned around to head to an empty table, Audrey intercepted me and asked me if she could eat with me. I just had the time to say yes that she went back to her phone call. I sat down and watched her, trying to remember if I knew her from somewhere. Then during the meal, as she talked, it struck me : ‘She’s in class with me!’. After that, the day went on with me not talking to anyone. The next week, I started to hang out with her during class and along with her, her cousin. There was another guy who was also trapped. His name : Peter. That guy was social and planned without my consent a party at my place the next week-end. His reason : get to know everyone in the class. And therefor, he invited everyone. I couldn’t say anything. Or I didn’t want to. The week-end arrived. Few people started to ring at my bell and discover my place. The evening/night went well. Around 1 am, we were four : Peter, Jonathan, a random girl and myself. Those three people didn’t have the courage to go back to their places, so they slept over. As Peter and the random girl were falling asleep, Jonathan went in front of the computer. I heard him and watched him. To not awake the two sleepers, I send him a text :

– ‘You don’t sleep?’

– ‘No, I am a warrior. I only need one or two hours of sleep’

– ‘Really? One or two? That can’t be enough!’

– ‘I’m a warrior, I’m telling you. I keep an eye on you as the head of sheep does.’

– ‘Yeah, but the head of sheep does sleep sometimes.’

– ‘Yes, but only in few hours. I’m not a badger like the rest of you’

– ‘Hé ho!…Me neither.’

On that last message, I watched him read his phone screen and a smile was drawn on his face. I made him smile.


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