Thug Life

A day in my life, Imagination

I woke up in the middle of nowhere. My head hurted so bad, it took me five minutes to realize i was still laying on the floor. Floor that was filthy. Dusty. When i finally stood up, i scanned the environment. A desert. I was in a desert. I felt lost, then i remembered i was shot. I panicked on that thought and checked myself. But no wounds. In my disarray, i noticed a sound. A constant sound of what seemed to be water. Like a stream. I looked around to determine where it came from. Afar behind me, there was something shining. I walked towards it. When i came closer, the shining thing appeared to be a freeway’s barrier. The stream sound was the sounds of cars going from left to right, very fast. A bright light blinded me from the left. A loud sound deafened me. I was confused for a minute. When i came back to my senses, i jumped on the other side of the barrier. Few cars honked at me. I put myself in the middle of the way. A car stopped five centimeters from me. I stared at the driver. He looked scared and perspiring. I walked to the driver’s door, opened it and pulled the driver out. I took his place and started to drive away. Few seconds later, a memory struck me : i was with someone before i got knocked down. I checked all around me, hoping i would see him. But nothing. I drove back to where i woke up. I made few rounds. When suddenly, a silhouette appeared in between two bushes. It’s him. My friend ran out to me. He got on the car. A minute later, we were driving on the freeway and my friend pulled the wheel to the right. The car turned drastically out of the road. I hit the break. We drifted for few seconds then stopped. I looked at him, my eyes wide open. ‘What the…’ He walked out of the car and ran to a hole. ‘Yeah, ignore me!’ I followed him. In the hole, there was a car : a dark blue car, a little messed up. It’s his car. He jumped in the hole and got in the car. I followed him. He started the car and drove backwards. He hit a wall. Then forwards. He hit a wall again. We were trapped. I thought, ‘we can use a Cargobob to pull out your car’. He looked at me, a little light in his eyes. We got out of his car to jump in the other one. Two police cars appeared and pursued us. While he was driving nowhere trying to escape the police, i checked on a map where we could find a Cargobob :

– ‘There is one on the rooftop  of the hospital in town, but it’s kind of far away from here. It will take time. And there is another one, a little closer – but still far though – but it will be hard to get, at the military base.’ I paused. ‘So which one do you want : the safer but longer plan or the dangerous but less longer one.’

He took few seconds to think : ‘Or maybe…’ He didn’t finish his sentence and drove directly to a rural airport. We were at the end of the lane. The police lost sight and track of us. When we approached hangars, a shape of a big airplane formed itself. We hoped it was what we were seeking for. We came closer and there it was : a military green Cargobob. Nice call!! We ran to it. We got in. As soon as i closed the door, some gang members showed up. I looked at my friend. He looked at me with a small smile. ‘Let’s kill ’em!!’ I jumped out of the airplane, pulled a gun out and started to shoot at the gang. When i killed my first victim, one of the police car, we just got rid of, was passing next to us to get back to their base. Policemen got of their car and started to shoot at me. I took care of policemen then ran to hide behind a burned bus. I usually had a hard time to survive in a gang war. But this time, i had the police on top of that. I killed four gangsters. I felt weak. My friend ran out of ammo. I caught my breath. I shot few policemen but more of them came. I killed the last gang member and stayed in cover behind the bus. My friend recovered a little bit. I got the last two policemen on our way and we ran towards to Cargobob. We took off as fast as we could, and fortunately, escaped the police. My friend flew us to his trapped car. He tried to place the plane on top of his car so the magnet could grab it. But the maneuver wasn’t easy. After two try, he landed the plane between a cabin and a pole. He focused on his task and tried to take off again. A black smoke came out of the plane. It doesn’t look good. On that thought, i jumped out of the plane and made few steps. It took only few seconds for the plane to blow up. I laughed so hard! A shot came out of nowhere ruining the moment. I pulled out a gun and scanned around me. Cops found me again. I thought we got rid of them. I shot at them as they shot at me. A great battle, which i was losing, was on. I hid in the hole where my friend’s car was. I defended myself the best i could until my friend came back from the death. Few seconds later, as i shot a policeman, a car drifted next to the exploded Cargobob. I ran towards it and got in. My friend drove us away. Cops and helicopters pursued us. I tried to shoot at them. We went on the train’s trail, hoping to find a tunel where we could hide. A cop shot in one of our tire. Another tire popped up. We were drifting all other the place. The car became uncontrollable. With three good tires, i was able to explose two helicopters with sticky bombs. But as we were sliding at every turn, that became harder. My friend suddenly pulled over. ‘What are you doing!?!’ He went out of the car and started to shoot at everyone. ‘I can’t drive this car anymore!’ I followed him. We watched each others backs for few minutes but it looked like we weren’t making it. I thought of a solution as i emptied my charger. Then my friend noticed an helicopter flying towards us. It was different from the others. We were suspicious about its intentions. Until it landed not so far from us. We cleared our way to it. We jumped in and the pilot took us off. He bombed two helicopters and lead us away. After five minutes, we got rid of the police. Our savior landed us in the rural airport. Safe and sound. We put foot on the ground. I looked at my friend. We couldn’t believe someone would actually help us. We gave him multiple thumbs up as a thank you. When the unknown player took off, we saluted him.


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