A day in my mind

He opened his eyes. The sun blinded him, instantly. His body was lying but he felt nothing underneath him. It took him a minute to remember: he was floating. Instinctively, he put his body upright and gazed around him. Near him, the surface was flat. But on the horizon, something scary was drawing. There was a wall of fog coming fast in his direction, accompanied by dark clouds. The peaceful surface wasn’t anymore. The agitation grew as the storm approached. He swam as fast as he could away from the danger. But his wet clothes were heavy and slowed him down. And soon, he ran out of energy. The storm caught up to him. First, dark clouds blocked the sunlight. Then a heavy rain prevented him from seeing more than a meter in front of him, followed closely by gigantic waves. Quickly, he was surrounded. To survive, he decided to swim through the waves as much as he could. He did well for a moment, but the weather got worst and he started to be out of breath. In the middle of his way under the ocean, water made its way to his lungs. He got out in extremis, coughing foreign elements out of his body. He didn’t have the time to catch his breath that a huge wave stood in front of him. It took him away in an instant. He was dragged according to the stream. He tried to swim to the surface but he was taken too deep under that he lost his bearings. He started to panic: he gesticulated in all direction using what was left of his energy. But it was in vain. He hardly held his breath. The need of oxygen became urgent. He reached his limits. Water made its way into his stomach, filling him up until he lost consciousness.

Where am I?…Oh, right: in the middle of nowhere. How did I end up here? I remember being on a stable ground. I was doing fine. Then I made a mistake. A stupid mistake. But they didn’t want to forgive me. So they tied me and force me to walk on that plank of wood. Someone pushed me, as I didn’t want to jump. I flew for a moment then found myself in the water. The rope wasn’t tight enough and I could free myself. But they left. I was alone in the middle of nowhere. I let myself carried away and miraculously fell asleep. Then there was the storm. And I’m dying. Alone.

As the thought of death stuck in his mind, he unconsciously relaxed his body. He was floating into deep water amongst fishes. Salt water filled up his lungs little by little. He couldn’t do anything. He remained lying in the dark. Inanimate.


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