Let me tell you a story (2)

Let me tell you a story

Two months later, I had the chance to face Eden again. We were at the mall. Christmas was around the corner and to cheer Ethan up after the last few hard days, I told him he could get whatever he wanted. We made our way through the crowd, store by store. Until Ethan saw him. He stood still. I glanced at what he was staring: a young man, in his twenties, red hair, the look of an assassin and a long black coat on his back. Eden. I pulled Ethan behind me. I gazed around quickly to find an escape but all the exits were unattainable. Eden slowly opened his right hand. Something slid along his sleeve to land in his hand. A shotgun. A woman randomly noticed the weapon and started to scream. Everyone looked at her then where she was pointing. In a second, all the happiness turned into fear. People fled in all directions. But we stood still. Eden raised his arm. He aimed at me. I closed my eyes to blink when I heard a loud BANG! When I opened my eyes, Eden ran to get covered: three guards were shooting at him. As Eden wasn’t paying attention to us, I dragged Ethan in a hallway that led to the toilets. We hid in one of the many cabins. When we suddenly heard three shots. Then a complete silent. Footsteps came towards us. It was fast and distanced. Someone was running. The pace slowed down arriving in the toilets. I heard people trying to camouflage their tears. Ethan was terrified. He trembled like a leave falling from its tree. When I saw a shadow under the door, I slammed it from inside. It knocked the assailant down. I hardly got up. I grabbed the shot gun, took Ethan’s hand and rushed to the closest staircase. We went to the parking lot. I tried to open several cars but none opened. We hid in between a big truck and a wall. I checked the shotgun: one bullet left. Ethan held me tight. Eden arrived at the same floor as we were. He walked slowly, stopping every four steps. As soon as he appeared in front of us, I shot him. I missed but some bullet’s particles came across his leg. At the same moment, I ran and hit him in the chin with the shotgun. He fell on the floor. Unconscious. The mall’s guards were getting closer and closer. I had few seconds before they showed up. I took that time to search in his pockets, trying to find something that will help me understand a little bit more the situation I got in. He only had one thing: a picture of Ethan, younger than he is now. I stared at the frozen smile Ethan wore. I turned the picture. On the back, something was hand-written.

144 Claflin Blvd. NY

To be continued


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