Springtime. The day was still bright but the sky was full with clouds, giving the air a nostalgic mood. I walked by a church with a red door. Above it, there’s an angel watching over the horizon. I took a right turn. The street was empty. My footsteps echoed in rhythm off trees and bushes. A car passed by. In front of me, a group of three men fooling around. As I came closer, they noticed me: they stopped talking and stared at me. Frightened, I tried to cross the road, avoiding any eye contact. Suddenly, I felt a pressure on my right arm that pulled me back abruptly. I looked at them, uncertain of things that were about to happen.

In a matter of seconds, my body was lying down on the ground. I was in a foetal position: my arms around my head, my knees close to my chest. I closed my eyes. I felt quick prints of fists and feet on my back, arms and legs. My jaw was tight. I couldn’t scream. I wasn’t allowed. Otherwise, their kicks would be more intense. Pain increased. I felt waves of shocks spread through my bones. I opened slightly my eyes to glance at their faces: they were smiling. Laughters resonated in my mind. A minute passed and they got tired. ‘Pfff. He’s not doing anything. It’s not funny anymore.’ said one of them. They walked away leaving me for dead. ‘Yeah, he used to scream for help. That was funny.’ I heard a different voice said.

I stayed there for a moment. My back was wet. I was lying in a puddle of water. The sky was still grey. In the corner of my sight, a bright colour appeared. I turned my head as my body was immobilized. A portion of blue sky was coming to me. Sunrays broke through. I stared at that image for seconds. I smiled. In that moment, I knew things will be good.


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