Let me tell you a story (9)

Let me tell you a story

‘What happened next?’ Isaiah asked in a deep voice. He was sitting at the edge of the couch, his ears wide opened listenning to every words James pronounced. The latter stared at the street through the window. He took a deep inspiration and sighed before sitting back on the armchair. He got lost in his thoughts for a second. Isaiah waited for him to come back to reality. ‘James… James?’ They made eye contact. The exchange lasted few seocnds then James grabbed his backpack, took out a book and handed them to his friend. Isaiah hesitated before making any move. ‘What is this?’ his voice changed. He cleared his throat and repeated his question. ‘I need you to keep this safe for me.’ James said, completely ignoring all questions he’s asked. Isaiah overlooked the pages. Some of them started with numbers: 2023, 2022,2021,2006,… On others, there were notes. ‘What does this mean?’ he asked. Then he looked closely to the first pages:


Age: 21

Name: Ethan

Location: Brooklyn

Event; Birth

Objective; Kill the mother. [COMPLETE]

I remained the same than in 2027, as I wasn’t born yet. Killing her wasn’t easy. The father was in the way but I managed to lead him away. It took me too long to act. She recognized me.

Butterflies effects were inavailing. The world still ends.


‘Sanaa gave me all the reports Eden’s made and all his notes’. Isaiah’s skepticism about the entire story began to fade away as he held in his hands potential proof of time-travel. He looked at his friend: he looked exhausted. ‘When did all of this…end?’ A quick smile appeared on his face. ‘Two months ago.’ he said. A ghost went by. ‘Then what happened?’ Another pause. James looked up.

Fanatics needed to point out at someone for Ethan’s death. As his killer disappeared, their only choice was James. He realized it. Sanaa just sat there, looking in despair. He grabbed her by the arm and fled as far and fast as they possibly could. After they healed their wounds in a safe place, they assessed the situation and decided to keep moving across the country. They went from small towns to small towns hiding from the fanatics and the FBI. Close to the West coast, Sanaa got tired of running. She wanted to settle, have a life. James helped her get a new identity and left her on her own, leading their ennemies away.

He paused. His eyes started watering. He closed them and took a deep breathe. Isaiah looked away before focusing on the book one more time. There were seven attempts of saving the world. ‘Did he succeed?’ He said. James shook his head: he didn’t know. How could he. ‘What… really happened?’ Isaiah finally expressed his confusion. James took his bag and stood up, a smile on his face. ‘Keep it safe. No one can know anything about this… Either you believe me or not.’ One those last words, he walked to the door and opened it. At the same moment, Isaiah stood up and asked: ‘Where are you going?’What are you going to do? Why you came here?’ James stared at his friend: ‘I trust you.’ Then closed the door behind him.

Isaiah stood there for a good five minutes, trying to process everything that was said in his living room. He looked at the book again and opened it. The first pages were all the trials. After that, there were notes beginning with specific dates: somes were long, others were short. ‘A diary.’ In the middle of the book, a blank page interrupts the chronicle. Then it starts again but with a dfferent hand-writing. As he read that part, Isaiah understood it was James version of the story. After reading that part to corroborate everything he heard few hours before, he went back to the beginning of the book. He overlooked the trials. They all had on thing in common: at the bottom of each page, there was the word ‘Failure’ written in bold. Except for the seventh trial, where it was left blank.

The next page was the beginning of Eden’s version of the story. There was no introduction. He detailed his impressions, feelings and thoughts he had, mixed with comparaison with his ‘actual’ world. Isaiah turned the pages slowly, reading carefully each word. Few pages later, he stopped his movement. He was astonished, his eyes wide-opened.

May 11th, 2010

I just heard a bunch of people complaining about petty things. Whining about nothing. They pissed me off. This world needs to change. I thought of building ‘it’ again. Who gives a fuck about your iced coffee having to much ice. DON’T GET ICED COFFEE, THEN!!

If only, they all could think like me….But then, I will repeat History. I won’t learn from my mistake.

Isaiah blocked on that page. He agreed with Eden’s point of view. From the last sentence, he understood that Eden managed to make the people from his world to have the same state of mind as his. And that led to the world’s sefl-destruction. How? Isaiah thought. He read further more the book, looking for any clues of how he created a machine that could make people change their way of thinking. But there was nothing. He looked at the door as if James would reappear to give him all the answers he was dying to find. But nothing happened. The room remained dark, still and silent. Isaiah dived into his thoughts. Without noticing it, he was brainstorming on how to create such a thing. When suddenly, James voice echoed in his mind: ‘I trust you.’ He then realized that that was what his friend wanted to avoid. He closed the book and stared at the cover for a brief moment. He stood up, went to his room, put the book under his pillow and lied down. He stared at the ceilling. His mind was full of questions: what to do now? Where to hide this? Why him? And where did James go? As he kept on repeating the same things over and over again in his head, his eyes started to close by themselves until he fell asleep.


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