Cosy place

Postaday, Writting challenge

It was in the middle of compaign around the border between France and Germany. It was small. A small city of 6,000 people. I lived there for six years during which i grew up into almost the person i am now. Almost.

At the age of twelve, i must have been in my second year of middle school, entering in a new building as the other one was about fifty years old. My home was five minutes away from the first school. Then, when school moved out, i was fifteen minutes away. Too far for my taste. I was used to wake up ten minutes before class started. With the new building, i couldn’t anymore. My high school, on the other hand, was literally three minutes away from my place. Way better. There was a theater right across the street. But unfortunately, it had only two rooms. And movies came late. After seeing a movie, i usually used to get some food. We just needed to go down one road and there they were : all restaurants.

I lived in a huge appartment with five rooms, all located at the left of the main and only entrance, a kitchen, a laundry room, toilets, and one big bathroom that welcomed my bunny’s home, at the beginning. It was my forth house in twelve years. It felt like home. I loved it.


Lost letter


Dear Father,

I’m not a believer. I don’t believe in a powerful entity who created life and Earth in seven days. Well… Six as the last one, He rested. But i believe in humanity. In people. I believe that people can change, change for the better and do amazing things. For them and for others. But somehow, it doesn’t apply to you. I don’t know why, but i don’t believe in you. I don’t believe you can change. Maybe you have but i won’t see it. I don’t want to see it, as matter as a fact. So i’m writting you this message to tell you what i can’t say out loud.

I miss you… sometimes. You left a big hole in my life. Not only mine. And i don’t know even why. At some point of my short existence, i wanted to know the answer to that question. Your version of the story so i don’t hate you for no reason. But with time, i let it go. I let my anger fade away with your absence. I stopped thinking about you to be able to live my life as normally as i could. So i’m not stuck to the past which doesn’t even belong to me.

So i’m gonna ask you to stop. Stop trying to connect with us. It’s too late. You’re twenty years too late. You made your own life away from us so let us make ours away from you. I don’t hate you. I don’t love you. I just don’t care anymore.

Your forgotten daughter.

Is it rain?

Postaday, Writing 101

It’s the end of the day, a big storm is coming, dark huge clouds have invaded the sky with loud roar followed by few lightnings illuminating the room.

That sweat sound came to his ears, giving a grave tone to a lost note he was reading, as the rain was dropping.

Confidential : The end of Humanity shall start soon. Be prepared.’

He looked outside, his eyes wide open : what he thought was rain is, in fact, people falling upside down under the surveillance of the Creator.

He suddenly felt his body getting higher, his feet left the ground and his face got closer to the ceiling, then, before his nose touched the roof, he’s sharply pulled down to finally hit the flo… He woke up.

Brevity Pulls

Adventure in sight



Before summer begins, i decided to watch the summer sunrise along the river that cross the town. Summer almost passed as quickly as i could blink my eye – not really fast but not that slow either – i was busy, people came over, i left for couple of weeks and i was too lazy. But then, after two weeks of being a sloth and transforming myself into a bat, i had the courage to stay up all night on the last days of august. Around half an hour before the sun rises, i took my longboard and left my confortable bed to face the early morning fresh air. I rode to the docks. i sat down next to the Mirror of water. In front of me, there’s the other half of the city. The skyline is set up. I’m waiting twenty minutes before the sun shows his first ray. The sky was light blue, dressed with some thin clouds teinted by shades of orange. Few people passed in front of me: some of them were early runners, others just took a walk, a guy drived by twice giving a weird look like i was crazy just sitting there, and two other men were in the garden next to me.

They looked like they were looking for something. They made me think of the beginning of a game that everyone must know, even just the name: ‘Pokemon’. They are at the start of their journey and they are trying to find some pokemon friends to accompany them. As soon as they will find a wild charmander or – with a lot of luck – a wild pikachu, they will leave the city toward the compaign seeking for adventures.

A warm and blindful light reached my eye. I looked straight ahead of me and there it goes: the sun started to show up. He was shy at the beginning but imposes quickly his presence. The sky looked beautiful that morning. A mix of yellow, orange, light blue and shades of gray. Some clouds invited themselves to the party. It was magnificent.

Five minutes later, i went back home, sprawled myself on my bed and fell asleep in two seconds.